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Burke Insurance Group can provide you and your clients with detailed information on current worker’s compensation cases. We offer up to 30 different reports that make it easy to share a message with your employees based on their needs, without overwhelming them with information.


Is Your Establishment Required to Electronically Submit the Form 300A to OSHA?

  1. Did your establishment's peak employment during the previous calendar year meet or exceed 20 and under 249 employees?
  2. Is your establishment's NAICS code listed in the link below?

If you answered "YES" to both of these questions, then your establishment is required to submit the prior year's OSHA Form 300A electronically by March 2 of the current calendar year.

For example, 2020's Form 300A is due by March 2, 2021.

Using a secure web-based app, OSHA Logs allows for simple OSHA recordkeeping, injury tracking, time savings and much more.

Web Based App


Injury Metrics

First Report of Injury


Electronic Submission to OSHA

The top 9 most common OSHA 300A summary Mistakes

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Many states have adopted workers’ compensation rate relief and reform which allows Burke Insurance Group to offer a more competitively priced product. With multiple deductible plan options, the inclusion of an “all states” endorsement, and employers liability limit options, Burke Insurance Group clients can choose a plan specific to the needs of their business regardless of size.

First Report of Injury or Illness

The Employer’s First Report of Injury or Illness provides information on the claimant, employer, insurance carrier, and medical practitioner necessary to begin the claims process. You can download these forms by clicking on the buttons below!